Bulgarian AK-74 bayonet
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Auteur:  Orita [ 01 sep 2008, 04:30 ]
Berichttitel:  Bulgarian AK-74 bayonet

- I have in my collection a Bulgarian made AK-74 bayonet [with scabbard] in brand new condition. This type of bayonet was made in Bulgaria starting with early 1990s at the "Kazanlak Arsenal" [ see the web-site here at http://www.arsenal-bg.com ]. Bayonet dimensions: => Overall length = 286mm; => Blade length = 157mm; => Blade thickness = 3.5mm; => Muzzle ring [interior] diameter = 17mm. The bayonet has an unfullered spear point type blade [not Bowie type] which is chromed. There is a "step" on each side of the bayonet blade. On one side of the blade [on a 77mm long section] there are 42 sharp teeth for cutting purpose. The blade has a cut-out for the bayonet lug forming together a device to cut wire. The bayonet handle is made of textured black plastic having a matte finish with 3 circular ribs. The scabbard is also covered with the same black material like the bayonet handle. Markings: => "E" [silver], serial number "1011" and "1-2" and the maker's mark "10" [inside of 2 circles] marked on the handle; => "E" and "1" [both silver], maker's mark "10" [inside of 2 circles] and serial number "1011" marked on the scabbard. ---> Two of my pictures will be posted together: TOP => See the scabbard with the simple but effective system of attachment to the belt and the bayonet under it. BOTTOM => The bayonet and scabbard forming together an effective device for cutting wire. ---> NOTE: This Bulgarian made AK-74 bayonet is nothing but a copy of the Russian second pattern AK-74 bayonet [manufactured starting with the year 1989] which has cherry-like color handle and scabbard [not black] and a semi-polished blade. Orita 08/31/08

Auteur:  virjinz [ 01 sep 2008, 07:17 ]


Auteur:  Orita [ 02 sep 2008, 05:11 ]

- I forgot to mention that the scabbard has the mouth piece which very easy can be taken out. The mouth piece keeps under tension the bayonet blade inside of the scabbard. The bayonet blade can be inserted into the scabbard either way, the mouth piece allows this with no problem. Orita 09/02/08

Auteur:  jdeleur [ 02 sep 2008, 19:33 ]

Always liked this model.
Want this one and the plum colored russian one.

Auteur:  Orita [ 02 sep 2008, 22:04 ]

- @ jdeleur: I've not seen for sale in USA the Russian made AK-74 bayonet with cherry-like color and spear point blade. I'm not really interested too much in AK knife bayonets but I paid 35.00 US dollars for that Bulgarian bayonet [bayonet price & shipping] ordered directly from a company located in USA. Orita 09/02/08

Auteur:  jdeleur [ 02 sep 2008, 23:23 ]

Did you buy it from AA-OK from Vegas?
If you want the plum bayonet i know a website who sells them. They are $49 if i'm correct.

Auteur:  Orita [ 02 sep 2008, 23:56 ]

- @ jdeleur: I ordered my Bulgarian made AK-74 bayonet late last year [2007] from a company located in the State of Illinois. The bayonet price was 25.00 US dollars and 10.00 US dollars was the shipping price. Sorry but I'm not really interested in the Russian version. Orita 09/02/08

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