Unknown bayonet mark ?
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Auteur:  Orita [ 30 aug 2008, 05:07 ]
Berichttitel:  Unknown bayonet mark ?

- Starting with mid-1930s and until late 1950s the Romanian army used the 7.92mm VZ-24 bolt action rifle and its bayonet. Both the rifle and the bayonet were manufactured in Czechoslovakia, never made in Romania. The Czech made VZ-24 rifle and its bayonet [with the scabbard] have typical markings. ---> There are some bayonets identical with the Czech bayonets for the VZ-24 rifle, bayonets also used by the Romanian army during WW2, bayonets which are NOT of Czech manufacture. These bayonets have no Czech markings stamped on the ricasso blade or scabbard. These bayonets can be attached to the 7.92mm VZ-24 rifle and the German made 7.92mm Mauser K98 rifle and have the same dimensions like the original Czech bayonets. => Dimensions: Overall length = 432mm; Blade length = 298mm; Muzzle ring [interior] diameter = 15.5mm; Blade width [at crossguard] = 23mm; Blade thickness [at crossguard] = 5mm. These bayonets [like the original Czech bayonets for the VZ-24 rifle] have wooden grips secured to the blade tang with 2 screws. The wooden grips also have the small oil hole by the crossguard. When attached to the rifle the fullered blade has the sharp edge up. The crossguard is secured to the bayonet blade with 2 rivets which have rounded heads at the exterior. Usually the back of the diagonal pommel is stamped with a serial number. These bayonets are marked on the pommel with a very small light mark showing the letters "CM" [the letter "M" is inside of the letter "C" meaning Romanian military use during WW2] and the right ricasso blade has a stamp showing "TWO CROSSED HORSE HEADS with a dot". The image which will be posted later shows 2 of my pictures: ---> TOP: Note the unknown mark [two crossed horse heads with a dot] stamped on 2 bayonets I have, on their right ricasso blade. The bayonet from left has a longer fuller which cut the horse head from left. This bayonet is stamped on the pommel with the serial number "8242". The bayonet from right is stamped on the pommel with the serial number "2379". ---> BOTTOM: The bayonet with the original unmarked scabbard [it is the bayonet with the longer fuller, the one from left / top photo]. => QUESTION: Anyone who knows which country manufactured these bayonets and which manufacturer used the "two crossed horse heads" mark??? I have to mention again that these bayonets were used by Romania but were NOT manufactured in Romania. Thanks in advance for any help, Orita 08/29/08

Auteur:  virjinz [ 30 aug 2008, 08:23 ]


Auteur:  virjinz [ 30 aug 2008, 08:24 ]

I've seen these marks somewhere before. Wouldn't it be for some South American country?

Auteur:  Orita [ 30 aug 2008, 16:49 ]

- @ virjinz: No country from South America ever exported bayonets to Romania. Since the pommel of both bayonets [from my picture] is stamped with that very small light "CM" mark, it shows the Romanians used them during WW2. That mark showing the "two crossed horse heads" is a big question mark and I have no answer to it. ---> NOTE: Romania manufactured during the late 1930s and WW2 with license the Czech ZB-30 LMG [light machine-gun], a superb quality weapon. Romania also manufactured during WW2 the 9mm Orita M1941 submachine-gun, a domestic design. Romania never manufactured the Czech VZ-24 rifle and the bayonet for it. The 7.92mm [7.92X57] ammunition for the VZ-24 rifle and ZB-30 LMG was manufactured in Romania. Orita 08/30/08

Auteur:  Kilian [ 02 sep 2008, 08:33 ]

So far I´ve only seen this mark on Romanian pieces.

I asked in another forum and received a reply from a fellow collector from Slovakia: The meaning of the double horse head´s mark is unknown, but it could be a contract specific marking from the ZB factory.

Auteur:  Orita [ 03 sep 2008, 05:15 ]

- @ Kilian: The quality of the bayonets stamped with the "two crossed horse heads" mark is in my opinion almost as good as the quality of the Czech made VZ-24 bayonets [the same for the scabbards]. These bayonets don't look to me like manufactured in Czechoslovakia. ---> VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Now, I have this interesting information which is unknown to 99.99% of the bayonet collectors but I've decided to post it here because I do like this forum. From a person who lives in Romania, I do know this: at the National Military Museum from Bucharest [the capital of Romania] there are some side weapons made in 1930s for the Romanian Army NCOs. The blade of those side weapons is stamped with the "two crossed horse heads" mark and around the mark is also stamped the word "REUTENBACHER". To me it sounds like a German name but I've been unable to find anythng about that name. I have to mention that I've never seen those side weapons and I don't have pictures of them. One thing I can tell here for sure: "REUTENBACHER" has never been a Romanian name, brand or manufacturer. It sounds like a dead end but perhaps somebody knows something about "REUTENBACHER". Let's hope for the best ... Orita 09/03/08

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