German M-1895 Mauser bayonet
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Auteur:  Orita [ 28 aug 2008, 05:19 ]
Berichttitel:  German M-1895 Mauser bayonet

- This type of knife bayonet is made very well and was exported from Germany to many countries to South America. The bayonet is for the 7mm Mauser M-1895 rifle. Dimensions: Overall length = 374mm; Blade length = 252mm; Muzzle ring [interior] diameter = 15,5mm; Blade width [at crossguard] = 25mm; Blade thickness [at crossguard] of the unsharpened side = 6,5mm. The other side of the fullered blade is less thick [at crossguard]. Four of my pictures [two and two together] showing my German M-1895 Mauser bayonet will be posted here. ---> Photo 1: TOP => The scabbard and the bayonet. The bayonet has wooden grips secured in place with 2 rivets on washers. The locking system is placed as usual at the diagonal pommel. BOTTOM => Close view showing the left ricasso blade nicely marked with WEYERSBERG KIRSCHBAUM & Co SOLINGEN. Note the rounded end of the rivet on washer which secures the wooden grips to the blade tang. The end of the fullers is also rounded. ---> Photo 2: TOP => Close view showing the scabbard mouth piece which is secured in place with 2 rivets. The bayonet blade goes into the scabbard only in one position, see that the bottom side [in my photo] of the mouthpiece is a little larger for the unsharpened side of the blade. On the scabbard mouth piece there is a small mark [like in biology] showing the "female" mark which is visible in my photo. BOTTOM => The right side of the crossguard is stamped with "M2969". Note the 3 parts of the locking system: the locking piece [L-shaped and marked with "81"], the spring and the rounded nut [press button]. Orita 08/28/08

Auteur:  virjinz [ 28 aug 2008, 09:00 ]



Auteur:  Orita [ 29 aug 2008, 04:21 ]

- Many of these German M-1895 Mauser bayonets were used in Chile and can be recognized by the mark stamped on the right ricasso blade: the Chilean crest which shows a star inside of a shield. As you can see looking to my pictures from above, my bayonet is not marked with the Chilean crest. Orita 08/28/08

Auteur:  virjinz [ 29 aug 2008, 07:20 ]

regularly people write me emails asking me to identifiy their "world war one german bayonet" for which they paid premium prices and think that they have bought an item of incredible value... and great is their dissapointment when I tell them that it is a german MADE bayonet for an export contract and that it's worth only a fraction of the price they paid...
This type of bayonet is second in number of appearances in mails, but still far behind the Turkish M1935 and Turked ersatz bayonets.

Auteur:  Orita [ 29 aug 2008, 19:00 ]

- @ virjinz: Well, I'm very glad I covered in my topics both these bayonet models. I assume that today the bayonet prices in Europe are higher than in USA. The Turkish M-1935 bayonet has an approximate value between 15.00 - 25.00 US dollars and the German M-1895 Mauser bayonet has a value around 40.00 US dollars. These prices are considered for both the bayonet and the original scabbard [in the condition seen in my pictures]. Orita 08/29/08

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